Prices: Entrance Fee for Adults: 3.00 Euros
Entrance Fee for Children: 2.00 Euros
Camel Ride for Adults: 9.00 Euros (also inc. entrance & swimming pool)
Camel Ride for Children: 6.00 Euros (also inc. entrance & swimming pool)
Swimming Pool for Adults: 4.00 Euros (also inc. park entrance)
Swimming pool for Children: 3.00 Euros (also inc. park entrance)
(Note: If an entrance ticket or a swimming pool ticket is purchased and later on a visitor decides they would wish to ride a camel, simply they return their ticket at the entrance and pay the difference for a camel ride. ( For example, 9.00 (adult camel ride) - 3.00 (adult entrance fee) = 6.00 Euros)

Opening Hours: Summer: 9:00am - 7:00pm
Winter: 9:00am - 5:00pm 
Estimated Driving Time from: Nicosia:40''
                                               Ayia Napa: 50''
                                               Limassol: 35''                                                         
                                               Paphos: 65''
                                               Larnaca: 15''                                      

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